What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit? 
Ever heard of secondary dwelling units, granny flats, tiny houses, in-law units, etc...? Although all these names might not apply to an ADU, an ADU is an additional habitable unit on the same lot as a primary residence. 
So what's the big deal? The big deal is that even with all of today's housing issues in California & nationwide, such as homelessness and housing inequality, some people just don't want it in their 'backyard'. In California, "The new law further prohibits local agencies from adopting ADU ordinances that: impose minimum lot size requirements for ADUs; set certain maximum ADU dimensions; require replacement off-street parking when a 'garage, carport or covered parking structure' is demolished or converted to construct the ADU."
Now, that's a big deal! Flexibility in housing includes:
‣  opportunities to build safe, affordable and legal housing
‣  additional monthly income (check with your local jurisdiction & laws)
‣  Increase house density. Now I'm sure that a lot of people are thinking, what about my privacy and traffic? Does this sound better than neighboring a 30 or 300 unit apartment building next door?
There are many more reasons why an ADU can be a great opportunity for you as a homeowner, investor and for your community. For more information, feel free to contact with any questions.
For additional reading about California's 2020 Housing Laws, check out this article and to check out ADU projects visit here.
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